Satirino Classical Music Agency

Satirino was created in 1997 by Ian Malkin and Christine Menguy and specialises in both French and international representation for Classical music artists, ensembles and orchestras. In 2001 the company created the Satirino Records label to record some of the agency's artists.

Latest News

Satirino releases Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier by Kenneth Weiss

24 March. Satirino records releases Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier played by Kenneth Weiss and recorded by Jiri Heger… more

Europa Galante, Carnegie Hall, New York Times

Rave review of Europa Galante's concert at Carnegie Hall, New York, in The New York Times, 12th February 2014 more

Iestyn Davies: Your Tuneful Voice – review in the Guardian

Rave review of 'Your Tuneful Voice' in The Guardian. more